Your Community in Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen Assistant helps you build a community of the people who are a part of your dining world.

Your Kitchen Assistant Community
Your Community is a combination to the people you know and the people and places that you follow.
You can add non-member people to your community. These are the friends and family that you care about. They will be used in Event planning and other social interaction.
Kitchen Assistant will collect Culinary Intelligence for each person that you add to the system.
The other people in your community are the ones who are members of Kitchen Assistant. When you add one of these people into your community the two of you will share recipes. If you add a recipe and set it as public (yes, you can keep that BBQ sauce as a family secret!!), then these people will be able to see it and use it within there planning. However, they will not be able to modify your recipe.
You can add to your Community watches for Culinary Personalities, restaurants, and other institutions. When these sources add new content it will show up on your community page.
Additional content that you can watch for may come from stores, web sites, culinary schools or culinary organizations.
If you wish to, you can submit one of your own recipes into the "Contributor Program".
We will evaluate your recipe and collect additional information about you then publish you publicly on Kitchen Assistant as a Contributor. Millions of users will be able to make use of your creativity and read all about you. You will have your own special page on Kitchen Assistant.
If you own a Restaurant, Culinary Store, or Culinary based web site, you can submit your business and your self into Kitchen Assistant for exposure and for the opportunity to contribute.